Cement Pipe Manufacturing Process


The Reinforced cage is first prepared on the collapsible reinforcing machine by hand process. The cage is then placed inside the pipe mould, which is then hoisted up and mounted horizontally on the Runner machine. It is rotated by speed variater Machine or Gearbox. The rotation is kept slow in the beginning and then the speed is increased. The concrete mixture is prepared material by mixing cement stone, metal and send respectively. The cement concrete is fed into the moulds during rotation, which spreads inside evenly. The time required for completion of this operation depends upon the diameter and class of the pipe. The pipes are kept mould for 24 hours. On the following day the pipes are removed from the moulds and submersed in water in the curing tank for about 7-15 days depending upon the class of the pipe the specimen of the pipes are subject to the following tests viz : 1- Hydrostatic pressure test, 2- Three edge bearing test.

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